OUR FIRST LTT (November 2020.)

Our first mobility was held. Unfortunately, due to corona epidemic, we had to meet on Skype, but never the less, it weas the best three days, that we spent in mutual work.

It was a great chance for partners to meet with each other. And the first day was dedicated to that. Each school prepared a short presentation about itself. That really helped to understand each other and the different backgrounds we are coming from.

Naturally, we also had to work on some details concerning the time table of the future events, work on eTwinning, choosing students and one new method to most of us called the fermis method.

What also was the great news is that we finally presented the first draft of app we are working on , and the next step is to publish it on Google Play store.

We hope to have more great news soon.


Ecological footprint and ways we can encourage talented students

Presented science paper inspired by the project "Ecological footprint"

Teachers of the Gimnazija Zajecar, Dragana Sekulic Pilipovic and Mladen Sljivovic, presented their science papers at the international conference "Gifted and the environment - family, educational, business" organized by MENSA Serbia from September 24 to 26 in Belgrade. Both teachers sign the science paper "Ecological footprint and ways we can encourage talented students". The starting point for this work was the project "Ecological footprint", in which the Gymnasium participates as a coordinator of project.


On October 28th/29th, Germany started the first project with students. Their school focuses on waste and recycling, so we meet once a week and try to come up with new ideas and plan projects. 

We thought: Why don’t we start in our own school basement? There we found old school books that nobody used anymore. Therefore we started an up-cycling project and created our Erasmus figure who will hold a globe and flags to show that we need to solve our global problems together. In the upcoming weeks our students will paint it so that we can put him up in school. In order to get more students involved and to inform them the students also created quizzes about our partner countries, the EU and the ecological footprint.